Team GR8FL

We're a fast-paced team with an irresistible culture & uncapped earning potential.

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Who are we?

GR8FL Ventures is a consulting agency that provides stable scalability for purpose-driven businesses across the country.

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The opportunity

We help companies with W-2 employees of all sizes, in all industries, apply for and get approved for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Program.

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Our impact in numbers

Businesses from across the country have trusted us with handling their ERC applications. We've worked with companies in every sector and in every state, securing an aggregate amount of nearly a billion dollars in ERC funding. We've assisted thousands of clients to date - and we're looking to expand even further.

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Meet our team

Collectively, Jordan and Tyler are responsible for more than $500M in sales, & have owned, scaled, and even sold multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses.

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Our Values

We expect every member of our team, from Account Managers to Founders, to adhere to our company values and standards.

People First

Ever hear the cheesy line, "people over profits?" - we live by that principle here at West Wind. People first, everything else second.

Growth Mindset

It's a non-negotiable standard at West Wind to always have a growth mindset. Always willing to learn, improve, and level up is a must.


Don't know where to find something or need an answer but everyone's busy? Figure it out. We reward resourcefulness here.


We only engage in behavior that is a triple win for 1) the client, 2) the account manager (you), and 3) the company. In that order.

100% Effort, Always

We don't vibe with people who half-ass anything. Give your everything to the commitments you make to yourself and our org.


As a team, we're very open about everything - where our money goes, who we partner with, etc. and expect the same of you.

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Ready to work?

Schedule a quick call with Jordan here, where you'll get a feel for who we are and what we do. If you both decide this is a good fit, you'll talk to Tyler & then we'll start the onboarding process.

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